something that has become very clear in the last few weeks is that if theres enough of people who want to do a thing nobody can really tell them not to do it

oh that statue of a shitty guy in the park? yeah tear that mf down lol who is gonna stop you

the ruling class has spent decades doing measures of social control (think panopticon) because the resources it takes to send jackbooted thugs against millions of pissed off people are simply too high. like LAPD basically ran out of money after 10 days of mass protests. that is not a long time

@dankwraith *me looking at pandemic numbers shoot up in tx while people go outside anyway* yeeeup.

@dankwraith oh that's a much more positive outlook on that haha, yeah, it whips ass

@dankwraith you mean they didn't put away a rainy day fund? well clearly they were asking to be dismantled

@Aleums maybe if they had made their own anti-mine tanks at home instead of buying them from the pentagon they could afford to work overtime!

@dankwraith instead of paying all those tech companies for expensive Fascism as a Service solutions they should have invested in their own equity

@dankwraith We should really lean into the fact that, historically, wars almost always bankrupt the participants, and modern economies are really just huge shell games where money is moved around to avoid this bankruptcy for as long as possible.

State and local warmongers don't have the financial instruments to pull this off for long, so their wars burn brighter and flame out faster.

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