apropos of nothing: do not ever. EVER. do technical work for a flat rate. anyone offering you this is trying to do a screwjob on you, no ifs ands or buts.

@dankwraith by flate rate do you mean like. x amount of money for deliverable

@er1n yeah, milestone or deliverable based payment. software is hard to predict and full of pitfalls so anyone offering you this is just trying to shunt risk onto you

@dankwraith yeah i know this well bc im currently trapped in a milestone-based contract

@dankwraith word. I tried doing technical work but I felt too bad charging for dealing with technical issues so I just ended up burning myself out

@professor_stoke @dankwraith That's how capitalism gets you - make you feel like it's your fault that your labor has value

@dankwraith flat rate has been the industry standard for auto mechanics for decades and every single one of them will tell you that they get fucked by it

@dankwraith if you've ever wondered why nothing on a car gets rebuilt anymore it's because flat rate makes it literally not worth their time

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