lol the LAPD just announced that officers won't be paid for overtime during protests because they are running out of money, officers say morale is at "rock bottom"

thought you'd get a nice cushy paycheck for cracking skulls, sucks to suck dipshits

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Please walk off the job... please walk off the job... please...

@troodon @dankwraith

I mean, yeah. Just go ahead and merge outright with the Broud Poys, Officers Friendly. You know you want to.

@dankwraith defunding police via siege techniques wasn't what I was hoping for, but I suppose it'll do for now

@dankwraith oh darn. What a shame. I am simply in pieces over this news.

who would win:

- the paid labor of mercenary fascist mobsters

- the unpaid mutual aid and solidarity of the oppressed and their allies

(send this to an economics professor to cause a brain aneurysm)

@dankwraith "rock bottom" is good, can we get it lower tho.........

@dankwraith Slowly caving in under their budgets, they will see no other option than to increase use of surveillance, face recognition, civilian profiling and use of drones.

@dankwraith It's only been 3 weeks, shouldn't they have months of emergency reserve like the rest of us are supposed to?

@Wayril @dankwraith I’m sure they spent it all on shiny new armored trucks and tear gas launchers over memorial day. Now they think they’re entitled to a hand-out

@antifuchs @dankwraith Pfft, silly cops! They just need to stop buying Avacado MRAPs!

@dankwraith the hell, my birthday isn't for a couple months yet, why am i being gifted such hilarious news?

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