someone just pointed out that pokemon go has lasted longer than the confederacy and i almost fell over

@dankwraith a list of things that have lasted longer than the confederacy would be extremely good

@hierarchon @dankwraith someone i'm friends with on FB did this and i don't remember them, but i realized that i've been in college longer than the Confederacy lasted and that is very funny, too me.

@hierarchon @dankwraith remembering the old page that chronicled all the things that took less time to complete than Duke Nukem Forever, like the Beatles discography and three consecutive Mars missions

@dankwraith replace the Confederate statues with fat pikachus

@Laser @dankwraith
organising hiphop concerts with union and confederate rappers, with a defunct project c

@dankwraith pokemon go also has a larger player base than the confederacy did

@_ @dankwraith I just had to look this up too haha. apparently even if you only count active users it's still about the same? which means advantage pogo because that doesn't include ~25% of them being forced to play against their will


this also applies to FFXIV and I'm going to tell everyone I know in game

@dankwraith I've been playing Dota 2 longer than the Confederacy existed

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