bandcamp is giving 100% of sales to artists this friday so you might want to have a list of black artists in your back pocket to give money to

@dankwraith they are also donating all proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for purchases made on juneteenth if there are any other purchases you are waiting to pick up

@jellyfish_link @dankwraith Came to check if anyone else had mentioned this, glad to see it (:

(I am thinking of picking up the some more from at that time, I have 2 of his bits - one about the Black Panthers and one about African American soldiers in WWII - and both are amazing pieces and I can't reccomend them enough.

But, I'm also thinking I should pick up some other bits... oh, I know who I need to also buy ... I need to get some Horseshoe Gang...

So really, anyone with any suggestions about folks to check out before Juneteenth - hit me up.

@dankwraith Sudan Archives. Neneh Cherry. Vodun. Oko Ebombo. Mavis Staples. Sinkane. Nosizwe. The Olympians. Lakuta. Run the Jewels. They're all there.
I'm skipping over African artists resident in and working from the African continent, and over deceased artists for now, but perhaps I should include some of those as well. Many African artists have had US tours canceled even before the pandemic.

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