@dankwraith and manager says : That's fine ! Upgrade the requirements section in the documentation… And warn the client. Because employing 1996's programmers to teach 2020's programmers is definitly too expensive !

@dankwraith the funny part is game freak couldn’t fit all of Pokémon in 512k without the help of Satoru Iwata

@dankwraith I did An Experiment

The smallest Hello, World I can write is in C and takes up 8,254 bytes. That's using `puts` and clang's `-Oz` optimization (GCC adds 40 bytes with `-Os`).

I do use an exclamation point so it's actually "Hello, World!" but

@dankwraith but I've seen assembler Hello, World programs that took up less than 200 lines, surely far fewer than 8KB when compiled, so this seems like more than absolutely necessary

@marie_joseph @dankwraith almost all of that size is from the ELF format. In fact optimized C code will usually be just about the same as equivalent assembler. To make a truly small executable you have to use non-standard tools muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/softw

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