i took this mission because it looked easy and it turned out the target had a surprise escort of 3 heavy mechs and now it's gonna cost me half the contract money just to repair my vindicator that was literally half destroyed

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@dankwraith one small laser to the cockpit and you're out for a month, no exceptions!

@dankwraith poor dekker. They start him in a not-awful light, but you have to know how lights work

@bryceyoungquist i put him in a heavily modified jenner and he's kicking ass

@dankwraith Jenners are one of like three lights that are not a waste of tonnage

assassins can be not trash, and respecced firestarters can actually be viable through endgame

@bryceyoungquist @dankwraith if the game ever let you bring more than one lance I'd be a lot more likely to use lights

@dankwraith ooof

when shit goes bad like this, you can bail in good faith so long as you completed *some* of the objective, and won't be penalized (but you only get paid for what you accomplished)

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