really glad that we debated all the right wing weirdos in the marketplace of ideas until they left.... oh wait you mean we just blocked them instead and cut off the supply of troll food that they require to sustain themselves, leaving their communities to rot in their own hateful filth? who could have predicted this

we argue about our fair share of silly crap on here but like. i get so thrown now when i see people posting neo nazi adjacent shit on other websites. that shit is tolerated because clamping down would mean less eyeballs seeing advertisements

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@dankwraith Let’s be real. It’s been at least a decade since there was any sort of nuanced debate on pretty much any topic.

When was the last time you witnessed or took part in actually changing someone’s opinion or position on an important subject?

Everyone seems to have pretty much dig their heels in the dirt and just looks for the right echo chamber to hangout in.

Less talk, more rock!

@middlepath @dankwraith last couple times ive seen it: some1 acting in good faith who clearly has both asker & askee's shared interests @ heart, asking an innocent nonhostile question honestly expecting a substantive answer, & þ askee being caught off guard by þ question & realizing their entire approach prevents the right answer

debate as a format removes þ good faith, shared interests, innocent nonhostility, honest expectation, catching off guard, & moral permission to revise axioms

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