computing enthusiasts: microsoft is supporting linux apps in windows and adding DX support! this is amazing!

me, cynical:
extend <-- you are here

prediction: the next windows will literally just run on linux kernel with a proprietary microsoft frontend/userland, basically what apple did to BSD

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@dankwraith one of these days, they're just gonna make chrome os 2

except you'll be able to npm install office

@fool it'll be great until windows specific stuff starts leaking into kernel dev, thus completing the extinguish phase

@dankwraith It would be great if the most popular desktop operating system didn’t do everything backwards compared to every other operating system.

It’s odd, but I don’t think Windows has the weight to throw around it once did. I can’t see Windows adopting a Unix kernel & filesystem (please, oh god) impacting my ability to run Debian.

@bulkington @dankwraith can still do a lot of damage, like a covid survivor with permanently scarred lungs

@foggy imagining the entire OS locking up for js garbage collection

@dankwraith the registry is now an event loop that is blocked every time you click

@dankwraith this is just about the only way that we will ever get to widespread linux gaming support

@dankwraith that was quite literally what my friends and I were talking about back when WSL first was introduced.

@dankwraith there will be the pro forma open source version to comply with licenses, á la chromium or, more to the point, darwin. it will however lack critical functionality, such as "computer turns on"

@dankwraith microsoft will also somehow acquire a business-model patent for the concept of building a functional os on top of that code

@triz @dankwraith yeah i just have zero confidence that any of that work will benefit people running linux *outside* their ecosystem. i see the trajectory as more Android-like than OSX-like.

@dankwraith this is why i ditched windows forever and ended up buying apple bullshit for the past 15 years

@dankwraith that would be good. Less double work. *Broad* support for Linux by crappy vendors.

@dankwraith and so far Microsoft seems to try to get people to pay for SaaS-subscriptions and compute on Azure as the long term strategy. I don't see a conflict of interest.

@dankwraith that'd be one of the better scenarios.

A really bad one would be them staying on NT kernel, and transparently supporting flatpak/appimage/etc. in Windows Store, and exposing more and more NT functionality to Linux userspace.

@melunaka only if you run them on WSL. so it means they created a version of DX12 that runs on linux but they won't release it on linux. it's wild.

@dankwraith I read the announcement and it was pretty long (what’s a summary duh) but now I know that key have a machine learning API called DirectML that uses DirectX so…

But apparently they’re also working to be able to run graphical Linux apps under WSL and that is legit terrifying wtf…

@dankwraith @melunaka that’s not quite right, I think. They’ve basically created DirectX passthrough, hence the requirement for a Windows host. The DX on Linux code to talk to this is public and has been posted on the lkml. I saw it earlier.

Still fucked up that they did this instead of using a standard, open graphics technology imo.

@dankwraith Not cynical enough. My opinion is that we already are way past the extinguish.
Linux on the desktop is no longer a threat to Windows. Linux was already co-opted by big tech interests.

@dankwraith "embrace, extend, extinguish" is often not the case in SaaS. We now witness "embrace, extend, lock-in".

@dankwraith Enthusiasts are enthusiastic, and that’s it. They mostly don’t think deeper than “cool!”

@dankwraith I have the same feeling with Microsoft GitHub.

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