queer people have been pioneering electronic music literally since its inception


a trans woman popularized moog synths. gay black men invented house music. trans women created vaporwave and PC music

@dankwraith what the fuck she did switched on bach??? I had no idea she was trans

@dankwraith @Aleums fun fact Wendy Carlos is how my dad explained trans people to me.

@dankwraith this is relevant but not directly related but heres a website which has like a web of all the edm genres and where they come from and gives examples of most of them music.ishkur.com/

@dankwraith and also in a lot of cases shows how it progresses over time

@moonybun holy shit i haven't seen ishkur's guide since i was a preteen. it isn't in flash any more either!

@dankwraith I KNOW

i posted about it like maybe 5 or 6 months ago (and linked the original which is this btw techno.org/electronic-music-gu)

then someone showed me the new version and its wodnerful

@dankwraith youtube.com/watch?v=5Q-YfNgmfi
completely unrelated but i saw detroit techno on ishkur thing and remembered this exists

@dankwraith i wanted to link this person's first detroit house mix cus its like the best most chill thing ever

and the first 2 of them are just fuckin gone??

@dankwraith And don't forget that queer people at Stonewall sent the cops packing.

Even if it's not directly related to music, it's still good to remind people.

@dankwraith is A G Cook trans? or is that not what you meant by creating pc music?

@dankwraith Semi-related note: I wish the Switched-On Box Set would go back into print already... 😩

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