queer people have been pioneering electronic music literally since its inception

a trans woman popularized moog synths. gay black men invented house music. trans women created vaporwave and PC music

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@dankwraith what the fuck she did switched on bach??? I had no idea she was trans

@dankwraith @Aleums fun fact Wendy Carlos is how my dad explained trans people to me.

@dankwraith is A G Cook trans? or is that not what you meant by creating pc music?

@dankwraith Semi-related note: I wish the Switched-On Box Set would go back into print already... 😩

@dankwraith Scissor Sisters walked so every edm artist could run

@dankwraith I feel like queer folk (and queer folk of color, in particular) have been instrumental in the development of not just electronica but every genre of music that's worth a damn for the last 200 years or so.

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