notch: becomes a billionaire, spends the rest of his life being a pathetic racist incel online

toady one: casually adds gay and trans dwarves to dwarf fortress and bans anyone who complains about it

it's insanely funny to me when redditor ass gamer nerds try to come at toady about how having dwarves not follow strict gender roles is "unrealistic" as if like, a world that involves snakemen popping out of caves and eating people is somehow grounded in realism

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fondly recalling when the rimworld dev made an insane probability model about the likelihood of in game men and women being attracted to each other and when people called him out on how weird and ideological it was he posted about how he based all the statistics on real world psychological surveys

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"...the problem with this model isn’t that it’s flawed. It’s that it’s flawed in a way that perfectly mirrors existing sexist expectations of romance, with such specificity that it is hard to view it as unintentional . And if it is unintentional it is on us to ask what this system is trying to show. What are the possibilities that it allows? What is RimWorld setting as the boundaries of possibility?"

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@dankwraith Did he add trans dwarves? I've been manually modding them in for a while. He added gay dwarves forever ago, anyone complaining about it now has really not been paying attention, there have always been gay dwarves and gay everything else, too.

@dankwraith Actually there have been times where I literally had to add trans dwarves--well, trans versions of the modded lionfolk race I play as--because I set the homosexuality rate way too high and thought I could be clever by offsetting it with a number of things that never worked, so by the time you got to the year 250, hardly any of them would be left and instead of like 75% of them being gay it would be like 100%, there would only be a handful left. Still, it's a problem I wanted to have.


dude no way, do you have any source for that? toady one is cool as fuck if so

@eletious i can try to hunt down the twitter thread i saw a while ago but no promises

@dankwraith Didn't realize it was on Twitter, that's tight. Of course I was able to find a suuuuuper shitty Reddit thread about it

@dankwraith @eletious as someone who has played dwarf fortress in the past hour yea theres trans dwarves and also agender ones too i think

@Dayglochainsaw @dankwraith @eletious oh, did they finally actually implement trans dwarves? Last I had heard, it was planned, but not close to being implemented.

This was what I was aware of:

@ALWETP @dankwraith @eletious as far as i can tell it's definitely In There, gender/orientation shows up in dwarf therapist at least, and samesex dwarves will get married and stuff. Maybe he's just planning to implement more stuff about it later.

@Dayglochainsaw @dankwraith @eletious Like, I've seen sexuality, but not gender identity beyond "sex". I haven't played in a few months, though, so I have no idea what Tarn has done in the meantime.

@dankwraith i simply refuse any canon in which all dwarves dont have beards, regardless of gender

homophobia, sexism, other assorted gamer opinions 



re: sarcasm 

@dankwraith That is honestly pretty cool! Rimworld looks like such an amazing game!

@binchicken @dankwraith A better solution would be to obtain some sort of ontology from the Kinsey Institute or something, and use that as a model for a rule-based system :blobcatcoffee:

@dankwraith I enjoyed this! Good takes and a nice level of reporting and detail

@dankwraith i play arma with the woman who wrote this!! shes so fucking cool

I remember the author getting harassed for this...

@VioletHaze i am absolutely shocked that gamers and redditors were offended by level headed criticism. this is unprecendented

@dankwraith I yikesed my way through those code segements and the summary at the end, oof.

thankfully I noticed the date was from 2016 afterwards, but...

...I bet it hasn't changed in those years either, given the dev's frankly kinda childish response on reddit of all places. Ugh. D: VERY yikesy.

@dankwraith I love that game but I consider the romance mod that fixes this to be pretty much essential lol

@dankwraith Using survey data as a basis for reality is a bad idea always

@dankwraith I'm surprised tbh because I had assumed from the title it was a gay sex game like cmon it's called RIMworld

@radicalgraffiti no because, well, to fix something, you have to see it as a problem,

@dankwraith toady is pretty great, but also should really get some more people to moderate his forums. i would recommend against reading bay12 forums politics threads.

@dankwraith strangely enough notch used to have good views on gender (, but ditched them after some point

@if i think going from being a bedroom developer to a billionaire in a matter of a few short years probably just destroys your brain honestly

@dankwraith @if This post sounds like it was written by a different person. It's sad 🙁

@dankwraith @if That's why I've already planned out part of what to do with it if it happens.

Step 1 of the plan is to hire @xj9 4 lyfe to just keep doing whatever she's doing.

@dankwraith WAIT, Trans dwarves are out already?! Last I heard he was still workign on that!

@dankwraith @alraune
I like what Alpharad says about people who become rich:

'Having money doesn't always automatically transform someone into a dick, it just magnifies their behavior. If they were a bit of a jerk before, getting rich will make them a huge jerk. But if they were a good person before, they'll probably be a good person after they get money too.'

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