i feel like i should set up a school, not like in the institutional sense but in like the ancient philosophy sense where people just show up at my house and i rant at them about how abbreviating variable names is cowardice

@dankwraith pisses me off so much when people do that... We have wide-screen monitors and IDE autocompletes now! You don't have to call anything prmIdxGtr anymore! You're free!

@AOL i spent like three hours yesterday trying to figure out what the variable name "uuuu" stood for and gave up

@dankwraith @AOL someone forgot the ws, its supposed to be uwuuwu, the two friends hanging out variable

@dankwraith @AOL I remember being told about a coworker who spent a full day trying to figure out what "qanda" meant in their code. Eventually someone read it outloud and they realised its Q and A.

@dankwraith I mostly agree with this but as someone who's stuck doing java at work java devs really need to learn how to abbreviate variable names.

@dankwraith Also in fairness we do technically use hungarian notation in very specific circumstances so maybe my work isn't a great example (database metrics stored as Long timestamps are prefixed with "t" for time.)

@ari @dankwraith the only time hungarian notation makes sense is when it's not literally the variable's type

like you said, you have longs that represent time with a t prefix. that's not bad, i'm into that.

what would be bad if they had an l, for long

@monorail @ari @dankwraith does anycreature else Applications Hungarian good Systems Hungarian bad

@a_breakin_glass @dankwraith naming all variables to random unrelated 64 bit pointers in ascii

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