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the OMG TEH AI SINGULARITY IS COMING ideology is a product of the explosion of webshit programmers. once you spent a couple days mucking around in C trying to make a triangle draw on a screen you realize how complicated this shit really is and why we are millennia away from self reprogramming computers

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like imagine a computer program reading the vulkan spec (1500 or so pages last i checked) and producing a compliant rendering implementation by itself. fucking hilarious

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a neural network, looking at a picture of a chair: thats a chair

a webshit programmer: this is amazing. the human mind is obsolete

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@dankwraith a neural network, looking at a picture of a chair: this is a cat.

@dankwraith neural network, looking at hardwood flooring: that's a chair [the Singularity theologians have already stopped paying attention]

a neural net trained on literally nothing: these phone calls were made by terrorists. kill them.

@dankwraith a NN is essentially just an analog electronic device, but simulated, and the resistance of each link is optimized

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@dankwraith Pfft. That's like asking an AI to read a book on chess strategy.

An AI wouldn't use human-facing APIs like Vulkan. It would use a AI friendly system that humans found as insane as trying to do a depth-first min-max search in our heads during a chess game.

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@dankwraith lowkey considering making this AI as a viable, simpler alternative to actually learning Vulkan...

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