me at 18: i'm voting for obama
my parents: oh, you'll get more conservative when you get older
me at 30: i think we should wipe our ass with the constitution

@dankwraith at 40: not murdering landlords goes against human rights


me at 54...wish for a virus that wipes out tea party and rich boomers...

me at 57 - whoopsie!

@dankwraith I voted at a Hometown Buffet in 2008 and somehow that made me more liberal

@dankwraith but that's sacrilege against the american religion!

@Yza @dankwraith fighting newfangled idolatry is arguably very conservative 👀

@garbados actually now that i think about it that doesnt really apply to my parents because they were both far less well off than their parents. but they were able to buy a house on a very modest income. i dunno

@dankwraith similar story. i feel like the level of material surety they experienced, though diminished, helped them to have faith in the system (by, in my parents case, blaming themselves)

@dankwraith when my parents tell me stuff like this i reminded them about how nearly everyone who voted in the dem primary under the age of 45 voted for bernie

@fakemaxkeeble @dankwraith Middle class Boomers and Gen X had the experience of getting wealthier and more secure as they got older. So they got more conservative. The Millennial experience has been different.

I'm a Millennial/Gen-X fence-sitter, but because of disability, I didn't join the workforce until 2008. It's because of that and not shit like Oregon Trail or Animaniacs or whatever that I count myself as a Millennial.

The thing about people getting more conservative as they get older.

Part of why older people are generally more conservative as a cohort is the higher death rate of poor people. It's not entirely the politics of individuals becoming increasingly shitty. I hope this sobering fact further radicalizes some people here.

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