me getting my coronavirus check which is exactly equivalent to my monthly rent


@emsenn I've been wondering about that... this is the only rental property my landlord owns. all the other tenants in my building own their units. so i am not really sure what a rent strike would constitute, other than me and my roommate just telling the landlord that we are not gonna pay... and the lease is up for renewal next month. not really sure what to do

@dankwraith Interesting situation.

I would ask for a... I think it's called an abatement? A reduction in payments over a period, while being considered as full payment.

It's gonna take stones but ask your landlord: "How much of my rent is to cover your expenses? How much of my rent is income for your survival?"

He might be honest: X of it is for utilities, rent, mortgage. All the rest goes into savings.

Ask if you can pay to cover expenses, and /help/ with his own survival - but 1/n

@dankwraith it's not your responsibility to save him.

tell him to call /his/ creditors and debtors and explain the situation. Honest, rapid, earnest conversation and cooperation is our most "profitable" tool right now.

@dankwraith It sounds silly but a lot of on-the-ground anarchist action looks really similar to on-the-ground white executive behavior: negotiations built as much on trust as terms.

@dankwraith @emsenn Yeah, like: because so few people are involved, theory will be less useful a tactical guide than knowledge of the actual situation.

Are they willing to talk? Do they know you, and do you know them? If you fear retaliation, what form do you expect it will take, and what is more likely to provoke it? Who are they answerable to, and how much discretion do they have?

You should certainly negotiate, but you seem to be able to negotiate with a human, which simplifies a few things.

@dankwraith @emsenn Hmm, they're not exactly in a great situation either regarding finding someone else to pay your rent (definitely in the short term). Maybe you can negotiate?

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