@soft blizzard balance is to nerf anything that is a good strategy until the game is flatter than soda thats been sitting on your counter for 3 days

@dankwraith @soft Blizzard: ooooooo paper beats rock? We'll make it so everyone can only play rock :thinkhappy:

@dankwraith @soft @nebula

Overwatch does play similarly to banging rocks together, but without the satisfying earthen clang.

@dankwraith @soft

i am reminded of when my sister clocked some time on Heroes of the Storm. i asked her how it was and she said "it's like DotA but everyone's weapon is a pool noodle."

@jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith @soft i had to read this 4 times before i remembered what a pool noodle was and this wasn't some weird term for pool *cue* i hadn't heard before

okay that makes more sense

@soft @jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith exactly, hence my confusion

that said, it occurs to me you can trip and strangle someone with a pool noodle if it's made of strong enough foam, so maybe like a really cheaply made pool noodle

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