broke: tom nook is a landlord

woke: by lending money without interest or a repayment schedule tom nook is observing mosaic law

@dankwraith you can't leave the island unless you agree to buy a house from him, putting you in further debt, and the way you earn enough currency to pay him back is by extractive labour and preparing the island he owns for further real-estate development.

Even if there's no interest or repayment schedule, that's debt bondage.

@manchot @turtlebirb @dankwraith Yes.

You get tied up in paperwork, hit with the reality that you're in debt and when you can't pay back on time, you get fucked by the law.

@turtlebirb @dankwraith someone should use time travel to advance the game 7 years and see if the debt is erased

@dankwraith I remember reading that the creators of Animal Crossing were shocked and dismayed that Nook was interpreted as being money sucking landlord instead of the intended idea that this guy was willing to take a big chance on a total outsider.

@BalooUriza @dankwraith that comes through a lot more in the current one I think! he makes it clear at the beginning that you opted into this island package, and he tells you all the upgrade costs upfront. it's really hard to interpret him as devious in new horizons imo

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