why the fuck did everyone say nioh is weird japan dark souls instead of what it actually is, which is ninja gaiden influenced by dark souls. dammit i wish i had gotten it on sale

actually maybe i'll just play xbox ninja gaiden that game whips ass

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@dankwraith I always thought dark souls was the dark souls of weird Japan dark souls

@dankwraith isn't weird japan dark souls just..... dark souls

@dankwraith i wanted to like nioh but the loot system pissed me off and the tiny enemy variety bummed me out

@dankwraith ninja gaiden black is one of my favorite games ever
just a shame about the sequels

@BDA i only have the non-black version :( but it's still good

@dankwraith black is a big improvement if you can get your hands on it

@dankwraith you actually used to be able to get it for 360 on the xbox live store for some reason but i assume that's long gone now

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