love too do unpaid labor for google to log in to my video card drivers

@dankwraith The fact that you have to log in to get drivers is so fucking stupid

Does AMD do this shit too? It's about time for a GPU upgrade and if I can avoid this fuckery I'll switch brands idgaf

@witchfynder_finder it's not required unless you use their geforce experience tool, which i am now uninstalling

@dankwraith Yeah, for years I had it uninstalled too but then I one day realized I had gone like 3 years without updating my drivers because there was nothing to remind me

@dankwraith can't download drivers cause a computer thinks i don't know what crosswalks is

@_ @dankwraith @tarzanboy I got asked today which images were palm trees and god damn I live in Canada I can tell you pine or spruce or maple but I’ve only ever seen palm trees on Magnum PI, their geoIP lookup suuuucks

@dankwraith You can download the new driver from their website, too.

I straight up refused to do this.

@dankwraith my favorite is that the Warframe website has reCaptcha on it which is technically a big lore spoiler

@dankwraith Especially those that also have the great benefit of making you fear the day their AI cars will run you over because they confused a sidewalk with road delimiters
Why is there a login? What would require having a user account?

@dankwraith the worst fucking thing is when it forces you to mark something that’s obviously wrong.

That shit scares me

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