1995: the internet will usher us into a golden age of information sharing and a new era of enlightenment

2020: every browser manufacturer and internet company is in an abusive relationship with their users

trying to explain to web programmers that maybe making lots of lots of money isnt a good ethical justification to create a panopticon that tracks every imaginable element of their users lives

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web programmers: on the one hand, i dont exactly feel good about building a surveillance nightmare so we can sell advertising data back and forth between ad agencies, but on the other hand i cant imagine another way of living than paying 85% of my six figure income for a studio loft in downtown san francisco, so who is to say what is the right thing to do

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@dankwraith it says something that most of my tech heroes are people who are essentially homesteading, sailing, living off the grid, or building a commune

going along with the bit 

going along with the bit 

@dankwraith shit, i was doing it for minimum wage trying to not be homeless again. never was able to convince anyone it was a bad idea...

@dankwraith only now, near the end of the first quarter of 2020, does it occur to me that the whole "web" name can also refer to not just the shape of a networked thing but also an invisible trap set up by crawling lurking things that want to suck out our juices

@dankwraith I always tell my clients that there's no point in gathering analytics more detailed than "how often is this feature actually being used?" and they typically listen. however, sometimes I fear it's only because they don't have enough personnel to dedicate a whole separate team to pretending like they can do something useful with all the panopticon shit

@dankwraith I think it's not unusual for the people who make the useful part of the program and the people who spy on the users to have next to no contact after the initial request
"here, embed this script in your page"
"what is it?"
"oh, it's just analytics"
"can we see the dashboard?"

@punished dankwraith @wb x64  Imagine web programmers who once worked for soul-less companies and zillions of stock options that gave it all up and moved to the country where they try to grow veggies and now write fediverse software for fun. Hmmm. I wonder if I know anybody like that.
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