analysts: bernie would ruin the economy!!

me, being crushed by unaffordable housing, medicine, and student debt: ok

once you realize that your economic self interest is diametrically opposed to, say, your landlord's, it becomes a lot easier to parse the business news for what it is

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@dankwraith at some point when i was a teen i realized that not only did *i* have no idea what "the economy" really was, neither did anybody else who was talking about it all the time. this realization is incredibly freeing

@dankwraith I used to play that text-based nation simulator and always maxed out health and happiness while tanking the economy.

The only sensible path, really.

@Ethancdavenport @dankwraith same. then i played democracy 3 and did all the same stuff but got assassinated by capitalists for it

@FuchsiaShock @dankwraith communism is when your assassins are better than capitalist assassins

@Ethancdavenport @dankwraith obviously the solution is remove the capitalists' ability to fund terrorist and paramilitary groups, but the game doesn't let you do that.

@dankwraith ruining the economy also greatly reduces co2 emissions 🤔

@dankwraith it's so weird because what kind of normal person would give a shit how "the economy" is doing. if u got a place to live, food to eat, are healthy, that's real shit.

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