US public transit authorities: *slash spending, reduce services*

also public transit authorities: why does nobody ride the bus?


flaming hot take: if public transit was reliable and convenient, people would use it

@dankwraith Honestly it really only needs to be one of those things!

Vancouver buses are never on-time but they stop everygoddamnwhere so people bus all over the place

@witchfynder_finder @dankwraith i'd take them a lot more if my work didn't pay for my parking and i didn't hate browsing masto on my phone as much (which hinders my willingness to triple the time of my commute)

@dankwraith i cant help but feel but feel that the US is trying to do a similar sort of thing with public transit that victorian england did with poorhouses, i.e. only tolerating public social services as long as they're made such an intentionally awful dogshit experience that only the most truly desperate will use them

@Dayglochainsaw @dankwraith don't conservatives do this with every government institution that is not directly connected to exercise of state violence or enabling of industrial exploitation

@dankwraith this is true. When I lived at my last place, it was a single bus ride mostly up a "highway" (Lake Shore Drive) that meant I was on the bus for a grand total of three stops. Now it's many stops and a bus transfer. Now I just drive.

@dankwraith I don't think so: here buses are both unreliable and inconvenient, but many are still full everyday because is the only way most people can go from home to work and back. Getting a car is not an option for most.

@dankwraith now, lots of people don't really pay for transit, and that has increased in time, so maybe it is convenient in the convoluted way that you can spend less by dodging fares.

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