simone de beauvoir was ridiculously smarter than sartre and camus combined but she kept hanging out with them because she liked that dick and honestly who can really blame her


de beauvoir: we cant justify the status of women by appealing to biology because humans construct value systems around biological facts

camus: uhhhh what if you killed a foreigner for no reason. would that be wrong. have you ever thought about that

sartre: im sad

@dankwraith that revelation from de beauvoir is what made me realize i'm a trans woman. i was just reading her work, and then i looked up and was like: "oh! shit."

@showerpickles @dankwraith

the second sex is amazing tbh

modern gender theory is like that with a little frosting on top tbh

@dankwraith my friend did her thesis on beauvoir and Apparently in her deep diving she found evidence that sartre took a lot of her ideas from letters and conversations they had
and I was like

yeah that checks out

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