programming pro tip 

in programming, when you put naked numerical values directly in the code it is called a "magic value". you will regret doing this 100% of the time. you should always just use a named value instead.

i just spent two hours debugging because i didnt realize i was scaling an object down by a factor of 4

re: programming pro tip 

bad programming is just tricking your future self.

programming pro tip 


// Might change later
const FOUR = 4;

programming pro tip 

@dankwraith SO true. I'm pretty good after almost 40 years of programming to put all magic values in named constants at the top, but still... sometimes in the heat of the moment I "fix" something with a magic value that typically will cost me hours of debugging in the future.

programming pro tip 

@dankwraith Good thing we don't have any such hard-wired constants in Masto's codebase, ne? ^_^;

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