imo our culture has a really unhealthy relationship with the idea of being self-taught

it's not weakness to need help understanding something or knowing where to improve

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tipsy thoughts I apologize 

@dankwraith I think it's mostly an outgrowth of the obsession with being "self-made"

@dankwraith this took me forever to get over!!! i kept thinking i needed to figure out stuff by myself as if i hadnt spent 10+ years in school being specifically taught how to do stuff. i dont know how or where i developed a fear of tutorials

@dankwraith which is why being self-taught should be a virtue only when coupled with a healthy understanding of institutional learning as a conduit for programming nifty cogs for the capitalist machine.

@dankwraith I would deny this but it took me ten years just to start reaching out to professional people regarding one of my biggest personal interests, so... Yeah, this is quite true.

@dankwraith Practically every book on this particular subject also stresses "you can't be self-taught in this." "This doesn't work if you don't have a teacher; people who try doing this without a teacher are not successful." "Please don't try this without a teacher, it's actually a danger to yourself to do." "Definitely do not do this without a teacher."

I read these and thought "honestly, do I really need a teacher though?"

@dankwraith I grind my teeth in every online music forum because every 3rd post is "Just got a set of bagpipes, how do I get started???" and 50 people immediately link to youtube tutorials. Other than cost (which you should budget into the purchase of a totally new-to-you instrument) I just don't understand why anyone wouldn't take lessons with a real live human being who can give you feedback and keep you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome from bad hand positions or whatever

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