about once a month in game dev discords i see someone have c# garbage collection explained to them and they say fuck this! im switching to c++! and then 3 weeks later they come crawling back

everyone is so terrified of structs. theyre literally fine. just use them

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:levar_dislike: learning about value types

:levar_like: writing a pool for every single object in my game

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doesnt help that all the top responses about structs on stack overflow are like "dont use structs unless you absolutely have to" shut up you object oriented nerds i will stuff you in a locker

@dankwraith did you expect any other type of response from stack overflow honestly

@dankwraith "helo how do i define a string"

"strings considered harmful"

@mdszy it is a repository of all the worst advice ever written, i am glad their c suite is currently running the company into the ground

@dankwraith one of my favorite fucking bits ever

everyone: yo stack overflow your community fucking sucks what the fuck y'all

stack overflow: did you say you want a newsletter? here's a newsletter!!!!

@mdszy @dankwraith i'm pretty sure they're still dealing with the aftershocks of a bunch of mods refusing to respect they/them pronouns and making the shittiest possible exit because of it

@dankwraith excuse me, you can't stuff someone in a locker, you have to send them a message so they can stuff themselves in a locker

am i doing OOP right?

@heartles @dankwraith you have to send the locker a message so it can stuff someone in itself

@heartles @dankwraith first you need a locker factory factory, which you can plan out from an abstract factory factory. danstroot.com/2018/10/03/hamme

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