icefrog: pay me to make dota for you
blizzard: no
icefrog: ok
*valve makes billions on dota*
blizzard: clearly the problem here is that we allowed people to own their modding ideas.

anyway props to blizzard for pre emptively putting a bullet in the idea that made their games viral in the 90s. this is the innovative spirit that the industry needs

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who wouldnt want to do hard game design work that blizzard could steal from you at any moment with no compensation? thats a sweet deal if i ever heard one

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@dankwraith treating the people that love your game as a source of free revenue rather than a community is one of the worst trends in video games of the past ten years

@dankwraith nobody but lawyers and the C_O's who are scared of them make decisions like this

@dankwraith godddd fuck blizzard fuck EA i hate them all !

throwing my fond diablo 2 memories in the trash tbh

@mood @dankwraith

Just a brief reminder that Torchlight 1 and 2 were made by the same people who made Diablo but has nothing to do with Blizzard.

@dankwraith At least Blizzard chose their name to match what they do. A natural disaster that affects countless people, impedes progress, and destroys the livelihoods of innocent people.

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