i am considering opening up as a space for people who are interested in the intersections of math, programming, philosophy, art, etc but are sick of the condescending techbro attitudes that permeate these disciplines. my only reservation is that i'm not sure if i want the responsibility of managing a community, even if it's small. anyway just trying to gauge interest and figure shit out so sound off if you would be interested in this

@dankwraith migrating sounds like a pain but it seems like a desirable destination

@woomy @dankwraith i will finally have a place to talk about philosophy and math studies that i'm doing. hell fuckin yes

@dankwraith I didn't realize was your own self hosted instance, was thinking about seeing if I could look it up XD

Ya I would absolutely be interested in such an instance. if it was a misskey instance I'd join :P (even if it wasn't I'd use it as an alt probs)

@dankwraith 👀 dk how consistently active I'd be on there but you know I get on tears!

@dankwraith honestly intimidating to me since I usually feel dumb on here but potentially? Those are all interesting topics to me.

@dankwraith if i weren't pretty happy with i would be all over that

@dankwraith I live in fear that I interacted with the wrong person, no big deal

@dankwraith @mikelynch I could persuaded to lurk there. I am untrained in philosophy but I self-taught Cisco router configuration so how hard could it be? </joke>

@dankwraith sounds a lot like the kind of space we're working on building here at Maybe we can collaborate?

@dankwraith I think a lot of people would appreciate that. Let us know if there's anything we could do to make it less stressful for you.

@dankwraith I'm interested in 80% of those things, and I also don't like techbro culture, and I'm looking for a place to put an alt, so count me in

@dankwraith I would be interested! probably would want to continue on this account but would be up for being on the federated timeline

@dankwraith maybe, I kinda feel like an imposter on mathstodon because I'm not an academic 😅

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