people say not to build your own game tools but i always say to just go for it because no matter how bad you screw it up you cant possibly do worse than game maker

@dankwraith we all have our crusades and this is one of my favorites

@dankwraith if i downloaded gamemaker right now would you block me

@dirt i would simpley shake my head wisely at your poor judgment

This one hits me hard because "don't build your own tools" is taken to be a truism by some people I try to help. Even if you don't end up using it for anything serious you can learn a lot and understand how an engine works just by making a simple one with little more than a graphics library. Seems like the complexity of existing tools gets confused for the concept being complex.

Avoiding this will just bite you in the butt when you either have to diagnose issues caused by your tool or when you inevitably have to make a tool for another purpose because one doesn't exist.

@dankwraith when I first started using Unity I spent a day or two writing a utility class that basically reconstructed pygame's Sprite because that's what I was used to

several of the games on my itch page run on that, uh, "tech"

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