ok so we want to collect your dna and put it in a big database

americans: hmm i dunno about that. i dont really trust the government with that kind of stuff

what if it was a private corporation and it helped you do race science

americans: oh hell yeah. i fucking love racism. sign me the fuck up


Those things are too important to be put in the hands of people we can choose by some kind of democratic process.

Billionaires are a lot more trustworthy!

@dankwraith One annoying thing about this for me personally is that it could genuinely help with several weird healthcrap things I have going on, but I won't do it if it's going to contribute to eugenics.

Racists ruin everything again.

@dankwraith it makes me angry that enough of my relatives have done this that i probably could be dna matched despite not wanting anything to do with all this

@dankwraith Thanks, I hate it. Of course, a decent amount of why Americans are doing this is to see if they're eligible for a CDIB.

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