theres a christmas lotto commercial playing where a woman buys lotto cards for her apartment complex and slips them under their doors and its like. that would cost like 400 dollars

fuck the lottery its just a way to force education funding onto the backs of the poor so rich people dont have to pay taxes. its so fucked

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@dankwraith this presumes poor people are forced to buy lottery tickets.

nobody has ever forced me to buy a lottery ticket.

@icedquinn no shit dumbass but maybe if you used your brain for three seconds you could figure out why you never see a rich guy walk into a 7-11 to buy a scratch off

@icedquinn @dankwraith Damn what if McDonald’s gave out stocks with every Happy Meal... makes you think

@dankwraith even better, it all doesn't go directly to the schools, but into some 'fund' that is akin to leaving a cookie jar unattended around toddler politicians.

@dankwraith I never realized money from lotteries went to education.
Is this how it works everywhere?

@grainloom yeah it was a reagan era strategy to increase education funding without raising taxes

@grainloom @dankwraith

it's especially the case in US states that were later to legalize a lotto because that's the pitch you make to get voters on board.

like in Georgia they came up with a lotto funded scholarship for attending in-state colleges called HOPE. whereas other states may just route it to K-12 public schools.

@dankwraith totally, last year I listened to this Citations Needed ep and it nailed a bunch of that home for me. Brutally intentionally regressive/captive and marketed as such a positive but as you say just to deal with not raising taxes.

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