i made the mistake of reading some critical opinions about death stranding and i remembered why i gave myself the policy of not reading any game crit ever

the state of game crit is pitiful because any time somebody makes anything remotely challenging (in terms of subverting design expectations) or interesting the entire critical apparatus turns their noses up at it. remember when critics panned dark souls and then it influenced every game designer on earth? lmao

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its so FUCKING frustrating to me that a big budget game with incredibly strong theming and something to actually say finally comes out and the critical consensus is that it sucks because you dont feel like an epic super badass every minute of playing it

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we deserve our reputation in games as trashy kid toys. fuck me

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i havent read ONE critical opinion that points out the irony of the "private" room being the place where Sam's bodily fluids are collected for analysis and is constantly invaded by holograms of the other characters, and that Sam's relentless breaking of the fourth wall in that room and that room alone implies that he is aware of the fact that he is being monitored. you utter fucking morons

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please, i am fucking begging you, when you play a game please try to think of a single thing that isnt just in relation to how fun the game is or isnt, theres visual language, there is the mechanics of the game and how that relates to its themes, there are so many fucking things you can think about

@dankwraith throwback to like 2012 when Spec Ops: The Line ot mixed reviews cuz it's Not That Good A Shooter lmao

at least ZP gave that game the credit it deserved, and everyone else sorta just suddenly realized it was Good at some point.

@dankwraith Spec Ops out here criticizing war and the glorification of the american military-industrial complex and shitheades be like 'it's not that Fun of a Shooter'

it's been 7 years and I'm still mad

@dankwraith i'm happy you're in game development dank

@dankwraith it's nice knowing someone who can think like this is a voice in that space

@dankwraith The big problem is that games crit is a massive joke but we all know what happened the LAST time people went around making that claim =P

Also shit I really do gotta play Death Stranding

@witchfynder_finder @dankwraith of course the people making that claim last time wanted game journalists to pay even less attention to actual analysis so let's not tar this with the same brush

@dankwraith Also, here's one!

I've been playing RE2make lately and the way that game explores the corruption inherent in the US pharmaceutical industry mechanically is genius. First Aid Spray is there, but it's rare and it only gives you a full heal so it feels silly to use it when you're not at Red Health. Meanwhile herbs are all OVER the goddamn place AND you have the freedom to combine them how you want to get the exact effects you need. Nature v. technology. And I didn't realize until just now.

@dankwraith I'm still working my way through the game because you gotta play it like 3 or 4 times to really see everything but once I do I'm gonna have a lot to think about, it's so fucking good (aside from the Tyrant at one point haunting the exact room I needed to be in to solve a puzzle, which frustrated more than spooked me and wasted like 20 minutes running around =P)

@dankwraith But... I go to video games for some fun and unwinding, not to get friggin' homework?
*looks at thread* Oh, right, I'm not a game critic, that would change things.

@dankwraith thinking about Warframe and lost glory, capitalist anti-progress, transhumanism, environmentalism, the corrupting influence of the "pure," one quest that turns Singularitanism into a straight up temptation by the Devil narrative...... I'm just been into warframe recently

@dankwraith or maybe it's not about the Devil but more straightforwardly about a cult leader recruiting people by separating them from their friends and collecting them like toys

@dankwraith sorry, the publications that are pretending to be important are too busy paying wacky white guys to make wacky sketch comedy

@dankwraith agree so hard, I wish there was at least some games journalism that treated video games like artworks and critiqued them from that perspective.

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