scolding people for being addicted to social media because they desire human connection is like scolding people for being addicted to food because they eat at taco bell twice a week

@dankwraith I also like how people who say that sort of thing act like as if in the past people didn't also ignore each other on the fucking train, which they definitely did, they just had newspapers and magazines and walkmans instead.

@dzuk right, like am i gonna make small talk with everyone i stand next to on the train. fuck off i have reading to do

@dzuk i do have lovely interactions with people sometimes, if they comment on how cool my bike is (it is) or we are bitching about the weather or whatever but it doesnt have to be forced and its not a character flaw if people want to be left alone on public transit

@dankwraith @dzuk I've absolutely *never* completed my train commute (spent reading a paper book) by reading the same paper book while walking home from the station. *never*.

Then my routine changed and I didn't have many chances to read while walking; the last time I did (last month) I only had one regret: that I was reading on an e-reader, and if somebody saw me they probably thought I was using a phone/tablet.

Mad Max dystopian jerk quote 

@dankwraith "Do not, my friends, become addicted to water. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence!"

@dankwraith Was backhandedly “complimented” by a coworker once for “not being fixated on your phone as much” a few months back...when I was misdiagnosed with adhd and put on adderral, alone which had fucked me up for a time. Thanks dude!

@dankwraith Reminds me of when I parodied the Oregon anti smoking commercials and started a discourse on #orlug

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