hot take: logarithms are not that complicated and only seem that way because contemporary math education is obsessed with arithmetic and not the core essence of math which is understanding the relations between operations

@dankwraith now THIS is the hot take I have been waiting for!

@dankwraith I really didn't need eight years of arithmetic, followed by the reveal that the equal sign wasn't just asking for you to answer it but a comparison of two sides being the same. After so many years of using it as "the answer is" I saw so many students trip over its real meaning for a while.

@dankwraith my students were VERY impressed when i told them that it's a homomorphism between multiplication and addition

@lizardmentsh it's literally easier to understand that way even if a fancy term is involved!!!

@dankwraith sorry, i know this takes the wind of my own sails but i meant to type "unimpressed" in the first post

@dankwraith @lizardmentsh I tried to understand this but the wiki page for homomorphism is, as is traditional for math wiki pages, garbage for actually learning the concept. What does this mean?

@melissasage basically, a homomorphism is a function that, if there are certain relationships between the inputs, you can know that there will be certain relationships between the outputs

@melissasage so in the case of logarithms, if you know that a*b=c, then you know that log(a)+log(b)=log(c).

the function lets you turn statements about multiplication into statements about addition.

@melissasage it's a very cool mathematical idea! but it does not come through very well in traditional algebra curricula.

@dankwraith I don’t know enough about math to know for sure if this is accurate tbh

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