people act like watching the news is your duty to democracy, the local news was on at the thai place last night and three stories in a row were pro cop fluff about cops saving babies and shit


i tell you what i have eyeballs and ive never seen a cop save a baby but i sure as hell have seen them harassing and arresting poor people on the subway

im not saying grabbing a baby out of traffic is a bad thing to do but like that is not what the job of a cop is, thats like saying my job is to call in sick and smoke weed all day just because i did it one time

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@dankwraith liberals be like "it's my duty to democracy to consume as much propaganda as humanly possible"

@dankwraith i mean both but the weed might get in the way of the helping babies

@dankwraith anyone could save the baby the same, you don't need to be a cop for that, so it just shows that cops are useless

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