lol glimpse got brigaded by people claiming that the name was offensive, i'm sure there is some rational logic brain explanation for this


people in the free software community: uhhh the acronym for GNU Image Manipulator Program is kind of offensive, maybe consider renaming?

fossbros: if you dont like it, fork it!

glimpse devs: ok *forks and renames*

fossbros: *throw a big baby tantrum*

anyway i am very excited to finally have a free image editor that doesnt have a dogshit ass name

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if you are a person who is mad about the fork instead of just being indifferent to it im just gonna have to assume you love using terms that are at best unprofessional and at worst slurs

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i wonder why there is a certain contingent of foss bros that get red mad and nude every time somebody renames something to a friendlier term, for example when python renamed master-slave terminology :eggman_think::thonking::thonkang::ThonkLenin:

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I agree with the "if you don't like it, fork it!"
gj on glimpse for doing it
legitimately don't understand the people being upset
that's what you're supposed to do yo
what's the problem? lmao

@toast the problem is that their bluff got called and they didnt expect someone to actually do it

@dankwraith well that's just called hypocrisy
we don't like that around these parts (the toast cafe)

@dankwraith i hope it doesnt die cause i will be able to say "glimpse" a lot more comfortably than "uh, the free one, no not that one, yeah the one that got dragged into the basement of zeds shop in pulp fiction"

@dankwraith "red mad and nude" is a phrase I've never heard before

@dankwraith all the complaints about Glimpse I've seen so far (that aren't just "fuck SJWs") are "well, I don't know anyone who thinks 'gimp' has any other implications so it can't possibly be a problem"

@jimpjorps @dankwraith lmao, the GNU Imp's splash screen was briefly their mascot dressed in bondage gear, they can't even act like they don't know

@BestGirlGrace @jimpjorps @dankwraith hi I'm just linking to this forum thread which links back to the fediverse because THERE IS NO ESCAPE

@ben @BestGirlGrace @dankwraith it is funny how that screen didn't make it into the archive of splash screens on their site for some reason

@jimpjorps @BestGirlGrace @dankwraith

@trechnex are you aware of this splash screen?

if not, I apologize for making you aware just now

@ben @jimpjorps @BestGirlGrace @dankwraith I had seen it once many years ago, but charitably assumed it was a joke image someone posted as "fan art" 😅

I don't think there is any real defence for the name, because it was clearly chosen as a joke. Their stubborn insistence that it's not a problem and they're not going to change it really makes no sense.

@ben @jimpjorps @BestGirlGrace @dankwraith then again these are also the same people who apparently think that littering the user interface with a cartoon dog* doesn't make it look like the application is targeted at kids, so... 🤷‍♂️

*Technically Wilber is both the name and the species of their mascot, because... whimsy!

@trechnex @ben @jimpjorps @BestGirlGrace @dankwraith I thought his name was Wilber the Gimp, implying his species is a “gimp” rather than... [gestures at the rest of the everything]

@fluffy @ben @jimpjorps @BestGirlGrace @dankwraith I couldn't find the source I originally saw, but after a quick google it seems you're right, and that definitely makes the mascot worse 😅

@jimpjorps i love having a giant science brain and thinking that my anecdotal evidence constitutes a valid argument

@dankwraith there is a thread in r/linux where some guy went through and combed 20 years of the mailing list for the dozens of times when people said their employer or customer balked at the name and the only response was basically "nuh-uh, I've never seen that happen"

@dankwraith I don't really care what they call it. If this new project doesn't change the interface to make it more usable for amateurs and professionals alike, then they are wasting their time.

An image change will only go so far.

@Ertain have you read edouard siddon's research about the barriers to adoption of free software in educational settings?

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