not a day goes by that i dont think about how fucking dogshit awful bioshock was and how everyone cranked their hog for like half a decade about how smart and political it was

@dankwraith i will never understand why people enjoyed any of those games

@flowless @dankwraith

what you don't like Bioshock Infinite's message of "blind nationalism is bad, but hey trying to undermine blind nationalism is equally as bad."

@flowless @dankwraith

that should legally be on the packaging like a surgeon general's warning on cigarettes.

@jackdaw_ruiz @flowless bioshock infinite felt like it was trying to make a comment about america being built on a foundation of imperialist racism wrapped up in the trappings of religion but it constantly just jammed a metal bar in its own front tire every time it tried to examine what a possible solution to this dilemma would be

@dankwraith @jackdaw_ruiz @flowless I put up with it up until the point where you get to the shopping promenade with all the smashed windows and Elizabeth starts lamenting all the lost beauty

@jimpjorps @jackdaw_ruiz @flowless lmao i think if i tried to play that game again i would have an aneurysm

@flowless @dankwraith bioshock 2 is the best one because its message is "turn into a cute girl"

shortly after completing it for the first time i turned into a cute girl


@dankwraith I played it a few years later when I found a cheap copy and sure, it was atmospheric and that. Then I died and got instantly resurrected with no cost and any semblance of tension was gone when I started jumping and running around the big scary monsters while giggling and slapping them on the belly

@sinvega @dankwraith There was one of those "haha now you're trapped in this room until you kill all the monsters" moments where I literally just stayed in the resurrection tube while a Big Daddy killed all the monsters.

Such a dumb game.

@dankwraith i hate it and i'm mad we got that garbage series instead of more system shock

I got the Bioshock chain tattoos on my wrists when I was 18. So. There's that on my skin.

@dankwraith Wolfenstein, on the other hand, is a pure unadulterated joy. No second-guessing whatsoever about what to do with Nazis.

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