i think that the humanities are a bunch of BS and we can just use rational science logic to solve all our problems. anyway i'm off to reinvent an idea that failed spectacularly 150 years ago that i could have learned about in a history book.

i think that science has superseded philosophy and ethics are so obvious that they are not worth study. anyway i'm off to design an AI that assigns a probability of whether people will exhibit pathological behavior based solely on their physical characteristics

@dankwraith I think the main thing that causes problems in society is that people cannot be grouped into neat exclusive categories and im sure that my new invention, Phrenology 2, will solve this

@Dayglochainsaw @dankwraith on this graph with 600 axes I have defined the brackets every criminal falls into, note the appendix A on page 1978 for the venn diagrams on the valid bracket superpositions

@dankwraith gosh, remember when science and philosophy were literally the same thing?

good times

(except for the plague, and other inconveniences)

@meena ive been reading maimonides and he considers metaphysics and science to be the same thing and i was like dang.... can we do this again please

@dankwraith another cool idea:

imagine if psychology and psychiatry were a science!

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