whats the liberal equivalent of recording a youtube video from your phone camera in your car

@dankwraith i think the liberal version of it is usually they're driving the car instead of stopping the vehicle like conservatives do

@dankwraith now that i think about it for being as angry and aggressive as they are conservatives are very cautious when it comes to driving and recording angry car videos

@dankwraith one of those birdsite threads that's 50 posts long and starts with something like "OKAY LISTEN UP FUCKNUGGETS"

@dankwraith Leaving a zesty comment on an Onion article. "I thought you guys were a satire site! lolololol"

@dankwraith Sharing a really obvious, feel good, zero depth facebook post that is WAY TOO LONG and acting like they've now opened their 3rd eye.

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