glimpse is objectively a better name for an image editor than [other name here] but boomer linux boys wont change it because they love ableism

*remembers when nerds got really mad at python changing master-slave terminology to parent-helper* hmmmmmmm is there some kind of pattern here?

i love being a rational science brain unguided by emotion and refuse to rename my image editing tool that i want professionals to use instead of photoshop from being a literal ableist slur

@dankwraith @tcql being a stembro: when you believe science and technology will soon allow us to transcend fleshly limits by editing our own genomes and terraforming Mars, but there could only ever be 2 genders and one is inherently bad at math

@dankwraith Can...can we not just use 'primary' and 'secondary' or 'source' and 'copy' or something? I really don't get what either of those two terms is trying to tell me.

@dankwraith it implies what it does in the name even!!!! unlike the other one which does not.


@dankwraith what if refusing to use the name of the program is kink shaming?

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