me: i would like to know more about this fictional character

wikipedia: this character has dick problems


to be fair hank hill's narrow urethra is crucial to understanding him as a character

@spookcentral @dankwraith yeah that one's less a wikipedia thing and more a koth thing

@dankwraith there was a thread on here a while ago about how everyone who writes wiki articles like this don't know how to synthesize, organize, or prioritize information, and instead simply list facts as they remember them

I suspect that most of this work is done by, like, elementary schoolers

@Picklemaddierix i literally cant tell if you all are fucking with me any more

@Picklemaddierix i watched like 25 episodes of that show and it never came up once!!!

@dankwraith @Picklemaddierix it's one of the things like "I sell propane and propane accessories" that the show eventually got sick of repeating but the fans didn't, so it comes up in reference to the show more than it appears in the show itself

@dankwraith that famous line “sorry peggy, my dick dont work”

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