the blizzard/HK/China gamer shit is at the perfect intersection of stupid bullshit that turns my brain into shredded beef

@dankwraith i've talked on it some, its one of those things where it's so stupid that there is no answer to any of this that makes sense so its just like turning my brain into mush

@tasnyx i want to say that the only ideology behind gamer brain is pure xenophobia and racism but even that is incapable of fully articulating how ridiculous everything is

@dankwraith gamer brain is sort of a very primal feral response to ideology, one that is almost pure egoism but goes beyond that because often the ideology of a gamer actively hurts the individual and makes their life harder

@dankwraith it sucks for that player dude but also this is like one of a million instances of capital interfering with what’s acceptable public speech and people are exclusively mad because they hate tencent

@dankwraith i checked out of it the instant people started pretending like mark kerns had anything worthwhile to say

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