every time i go to ciclavia it becomes plainly obvious to me that the city is simply a better place without cars


but we cant get rid of urban cars because uhhhh people would be mad about it for like two weeks before realizing that oh yeah driving in the city sucks actually

@dankwraith I mean the problem is more one of accessibility from the outskirts where the buses don't always reach

@dragon yeah but at the very least there is no reason to have cars in the core of the city

@dankwraith oh of course I'm just saying that coming from a place where my city is trying to get rid of cars, it's super difficult cause the bus network to the surrounding rural areas is terrible so now there's just a constant traffic jam and the Parking lots are full


Silicon valley, or at least Tesla, has already been playing with the idea of having the fully autonomous semi trucks show up in depots just outside of towns and then manual drivers can bring the stuff into the city center. There are also tons of like parking structures at train stations for "park and ride" commuters. I think you could combine both ideas to make city centers off limits to cars and trucks without even stretching people's imaginations

@baronnarcveldt @dankwraith what about deliveries? Businesses in the CBD need a lot of stuff delivered, and there’s probably theatres/event spaces too, which might need 20 semis a day during a busy turnaround.

@sophistoche @baronnarcveldt the idea is that you would just ban cars as a means of personal transportation and allow things like delivery trucks to operate at particular hours. this would likely massively improve the efficiency of delivery services

@dankwraith @sophistoche @baronnarcveldt this is how Tokyo, NYC, and Vegas operate de-facto. There's no real reason to have a personal car in most cases especially for visitors there, and a ton of the traffic is businesses or taxis. Given the pricing of taxis they're only really used as needed, not so much as a daily transit option.

@dankwraith I just get furious every time I see an ambulance or fire truck stuck in city traffic with its siren on...

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