fossbros be like it is everyones highest moral and sacred duty to use foss programs and then be like we cant rename a program that is named a literal ableist slur because blah blah blah THE SJWs blah blah blah people looking to be offended blah blah


i guarantee you a lot more people would probably use alternatives to corporate software if we didnt have a culture of fucking nerds defending their sacred mountain of being the most boring and predictable people on the entire earth

@dankwraith “it’s just like the programs you’ve been using, but you have to let people insult you the whole time”

@dankwraith I think this is possible but I also think it’s possible that people in capitalism just like the idea of submitting to a corporation.

@tesseract @dankwraith As a fairly anti-capitalist person, lemme tell ya, that's not it.

The evangelists and their fucked up priorities are the problem.

@tesseract @dankwraith no. People like stuff that makes their day easier. “Our app name is going to insult you” is not that. “If you don’t understand how to use it, you must be stupid” is another point down. And so on.

@dankwraith Bullshit. If it were true, the solution would be simple: advertise "alternatives to corporate software" yourself, without any "fucking nerd" in sight, and see if it works better.
But it is much simpler to put the blame on "fucking nerds" than to try to solve a difficult problem (escaping the strong power of capitalism).

@dankwraith ok, so first you bully the nerds in school and don't let them be part of your community, so they make their own community around writing software and allowing everybody use it, and later when you need that software you bully them again because nerds aren't allowed to do things you consider cool, and whatever software they wrote obviously belongs to your community?

@Wolf480pl i am literally a software developer and make contributions to open source you whiny baby, i just think that gimp is a terrible name for photo editing software and it would be easy to rename it and take mind share from an increasingly greedy adobe.

@dankwraith ok, then no need to stigmatize being a nerd, right?

@Wolf480pl no, nerds are fucking annoying, as evidenced by this asinine conversation we are currently having

IMO it's more evangelists who are annoying - i.e. anyone who thinks their choices are good for everyone.
Those who say you're obliged to use free software. Or those who say you're obliged to rewrite your program in Rust.

If you don't want to use GNU Image Manipulation Program, fine. There's Krita, and there's a WIP fork of GIMP called Glimpse[1] which plans to deal with some of the issues that hamper adoption. And if someone thinks Adobe Photoshop is still a better option for them, so be it.


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