do you ever think about how google made a really good RSS reader, waited for everyone to switch to it, and then killed it, basically killing RSS

i love to entrust internet standards to google, the perfectly neutral corporation that has no vested interest in pushing advertisements


i hadn't wrapped my head around how many services Google has axed until listening to someone (Jim Sterling maybe?) talk about Stadia and then launch into a full list of things the Goog' has pulled the plug on.

i just enjoy asking people "are you on Google Wave" whenever trying to make plans. and "friend me on Orkut" is like the very online version of hit me up on my beeper.

@jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith

new trick: never use the internet but constantly make up great new social media platforms nobody is using.

@jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith my Twitter bio still has a link to Google profiles, which was in between orkut and G+. You could list links to all of your profiles at once. Eventually it started redirecting to my G+ account that was autopopulated with those links. Now it goes to an ad for Gsuites I guess

@dankwraith yes, i will never forget. now I pay to use a RSS reader. fuck google.

@o @dankwraith

RSS existed before google used it.

but there are enough free services that still exists.


and an app i am very happy with Flym

@dankwraith I was thinking about this yesterday. Every service should offer RSS version of periodic content.

@dankwraith I used to love Firefox and Mozilla but I feel like their shit is bad now

@ipslfn google deliberately sabotages their websites to run worse on firefox so that people will switch to chrome, but also firefox is fine

@dankwraith @ipslfn On my last windows install, chrome managed to bork itself so that a number of google's own sites ran *worse* in chrome than in firefox.

I was always highly amused by this and as such never bothered to fix it.
@dankwraith @ipslfn (and then i had to reinstall windows and this issue is now resolved with a fresh install. Hmph. )

@dankwraith I get that, I held on to a super old version of SeaMonkey forever cause I'm overly particular about UI and add-ons and stuff. Them changing up their whole add-on scheme irked me. I just notice Firefox proper in general runs worse on my personal desktop, period. I switchced to a Chromium variant, which I don't like but it works about as well as can be expected for me.

@dankwraith At work, on Windows they both work about as well for me as far as I can tell, and have both installed, but at home on Linux, there's somethin rotten about it, and Waterfox too.

@dankwraith @ipslfn Just don't use Google. Duckduckgo is rediculously easy to switch to.

@dankwraith @ipslfn I've switched full-time to Firefox, but it's made it clear how much they tie to their other services and products. They really do work worse in Firefox, have missing features, and don't work with hardware, like Chromecast. Which I've still not found a good replacement for with how our family uses it.

@dankwraith also a reminder to use ad blockers (rec: uBlock Origin) or, for coverage for all devices on your entire home network (including phones, TV set-top boxes, smart appliances etc), a Pi-Hole

@dankwraith even Opera is putting ads in my phone notifications now. fuck everything.

@dankwraith i'm really reliant on multi-account containers these days. it's a great feature, and it feels like stepping backwards whenever i use other browsers.

@dankwraith shouts out to Firefox, who fixed their issue on Windows on snapdragon that was causing a bluescreen when you watched videos. Now I don't have to use edge anymore

@dankwraith While I agree, I'm glad they're effectively killing EV certs by making them appear no differently, meaning that scummy companies like GoDaddy are one step closer to going out of business.

@dankwraith and harvesting data. they are first and foremost a private surveillance company. all the tech companies are to some degree, but it is the foundation of google's business.

@dankwraith Assuming this is because RSS readers aggregate content and Google wants to be the only content aggregator.

@dankwraith not quite as much their fault, but the dead Google project that I'm most bothered by was when they were trying to digitize every out of print book they could get their hands on but negotiating the rights was fundamentally impossible

@dankwraith I think about this at least once a month. also QPX Express

@dankwraith RSS isn’t dead, in fact a brand new RSS reader was released today for free. I never used Google reader, and a lot of other people didn’t either. As far as I can tell when it died it didn’t change anything. All the RSS feeds are still around, and so are the readers.

@dankwraith Google Reader taught me to never get attached to a google project.

@dankwraith I think about this all the time. Also still using RSS just to spite them 😂

@dankwraith Their stranglehold over email makes me very nervous for not this reason, but similar reasons.

@dankwraith Every week when I reflexively type reader. into my address bar and sob.

@dankwraith RSS is dead?

It's still working great for me. I still see webfeeds everywhere!


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