why am i bothering to do anything of value with my life when i could make money by telling nerds spooky campfire stories about AI


nerds: oh my god AI is gonna get smart and then we are all gonna DIE!!!!!!

actual AI researchers: why the fuck does my neural net classify this picture of a panda as an ice cream cone

i love to sit around thinking up "what if god could microwave a burrito so hot that even he could not eat it" type scenarios but its about computers so i think i am very smart

@dankwraith ive never understood the whole "AI will take over and kill us all" cause i would just put in a kill switch.

@NuclearTess ah but the mega computer would predict this and nullify the kill switch. this scenario is not at all like children making up superhero battles as they go along


Also actual AI researchers:

Why does this software define this schoolbus full of children as a valid drone target under the rules of engagement?

"Toby Walsh, A.I. Expert, Is Racing to Stop the Killer Robots

Autonomous weapons, capable of acting without human oversight, are closer than we think, Dr. Walsh believes, and must be banned."


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