discussion fetishism is built on the outdated and fallacious view that absolute truth can be discovered out of nothing. all arguments are built on assumptions, and productive discussion is only possible when some or all of those assumptions are shared. i will simply never be able to have a productive discussion with someone who does not accept certain things i believe and in many cases attempting to do so only validates disgusting and hateful views.

@dankwraith When there is no shared foundation, the discussion becomes shit-flinging. Which some people enjoy as well!

@dankwraith this really clicked for me when I took symbolic logic in college, and realized that every argument is just a complicated if-then statement

@dankwraith yeah. It's absolutely true with fascists and crypto-fascists. Most other positions share at least some assumptions tho.

@dankwraith this is only true in extreme cases, with most people the task is to find out what your common agreements are and then to demonstrate that your position follows from those beliefs more than the beliefs of the other person. Plus there's always the added bonus that you see holes in your own argument and can refine/adjust it accordingly. I will happily debate with pretty much anyone who is arguing in good faith and shows at least some chance of being willing to adjust their beliefs when presented with refutations of their arguments.

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