i used to think techbros made space for the far right because they were just naive, now i think a good amount if not most of them are basically cryptofash

theres only so many times i can watch techbros go out of their way to cape for platforming fascists and literally never go the other direction before i start to wonder if there is some sympathizing going on

@dankwraith for me, the tell is the number of times one of the mainstream social media platforms announces yet another technological solution to abusive behaviour, which is then promptly used to torment marginalized people while bigoted fucks laugh and continue abusing others. at some point, suspicion must fall upon some subset of the people coding and moderating these platforms.

@dankwraith i honestly think a lot of them are midwest libertarians who grew up in flyover states and never really struggled and don't have friends outside of their bubble

@dankwraith it's worrisome that folx in tech should be the revolutionary class but they are mostly awful

@Cyborgneticz you'd be surprised at how many of us are leftists, its just the most vocal defenders online of a particular slant that sees tech as fundamentally neutral and meritocratic are not very interested in upending the system that gave them a nominal amount of social status.

@dankwraith that is really exciting to hear because being outside of the industry you just see the "neutral" nonsense and the far right bigoted assholes

@Cyborgneticz basically techbro isnt a job, its a political stance within tech and you have probably noticed it becoming more vocal precisely because it is more intensely criticized from within tech. 6 years ago techbro was the default political stance. i think that basically isn't the case any more

@dankwraith that point really clarified it for me - because every time something is being or has been ruthlessly critiqued inside an industry it then becomes more visible to the outside

@dankwraith listen, they've worked hard to get to where they are, and it isn't their fault they had connections, if you want that, you just need to suck it up and quit whining about your situation

Gosh, some people just want everything handed to them, but not them, the people who've always had everything handed to them, they've worked hard to get to wh

@savedr @dankwraith
one of my "favorite" things about adam carolla was that he simulaneously believes

1. all bosses and people in positions of power are useless idiots who should not be there

2. if you want to be, LITERALLY, a millionaire, all you have to do is work hard and stop whining

i dont think the irony of this ever occurred to him

@dankwraith there's definitely at least some of this going on. I knew a guy at my last work who was basically just an apolitical/libertarian/centrist, but he told me about one of *his* friends who was literally a Neo-Reactionary ( and referred to himself as such (as a "Neo-Reactionary Revolutionist"). So dude's friend was a crypt-fash. Naturally as a centrist he thought this was as acceptable as me and our other coworker being socialists

@dankwraith They smell power coming from that relationship.

@anna @dankwraith I suppose I'm asking fedi for an essay, but why are they libertarians? Is in the influence of big busness? Is it that women were systamatically excluded for basically the whole time, including today? Something rlse? All of the above?

@DJWalnut @dankwraith its a few things but it mostly boils down to ayn rand and bubble economies with skills in high demand fetching high salaries/rivers of VC money chasing unicorns creating a particularly virulent strain of petit bourgeois white bro asshole who thinks they earned their filthy lucre

@anna @DJWalnut @dankwraith worth noting that a lot of notorious religious fundamentalist type violent terrorists are trained as engineers. Engineering as a discipline there is a bias against multiple meanings of anything, so they are more into apocalyptic eschatology, violent absolutism in mechanistic theology
They didn't get liberal arts style educations where multiple meanings are relevant

@HongPong @DJWalnut @dankwraith not sure how this is relevant with techbros as they are mostly fedora-clad new atheist types

@anna @DJWalnut @dankwraith
Whether or not they are religious fundamentalists or new atheist types there is a common pattern of not seeing multiple meanings in anything, the argument among analysts is that they get trained into this flat worldview

@HongPong @DJWalnut @dankwraith this is true, and is self evident by how mad they get when you say that atheism is a religion lol


engineers of a particular stripe, even.

particle-wave duality & sensitive dependence on initial conditions can both be pretty mind blowing

@anna @DJWalnut @dankwraith

@DJWalnut @anna @dankwraith honestly i think it's mostly that computer-literate people tend to not trust the state combined with white dudes tending towards centrism or "being apolitical" at best. most of these people are techno-utopians at heart and have not caught up with the times whatsoever
@uncletrunks @DJWalnut @dankwraith pretty much this. I remember there being this very techno-anarchistic utopian ideology that appealed to me. I think 4chan crashed the ideal into reality, and then the big data sickness got into the industry. what remains of it is pretty strongly focused on the freedom of information and privacy parts of the original ideology, but that isn't profitable.

@dankwraith at some point you have to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. personally, that's the very first time they continue doing something they've been told is wrong.

@dankwraith there's a weird overlap between selfish assholes, capitalists, and fascists -- that's how i define the right-libertarian movement and its adjacent "alt lite", & to a lesser degree the alt-right: selfish assholes !
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