the idea that people are inherently lazy assholes who wont do anything unless some taskmaster is cracking a whip on them and giving them a fraction of the true value of their labor is so baldly cynical and self serving that it says a lot more about the people who believe it than anything else

@dankwraith the labor version of the Cuck Axiom*

* the more a person uses the word "cuck", the more likely they are of having a cuck fetish

@dankwraith its sort of true insofar as the job being asked is uninspiring and maybe exploitative. people will only reluctantly grind through that for survival.

@zensaiyuki oh absolutely, i just think extending that to all work is absurd

@dankwraith from most employers perspectives that is all work, because most employers are 100% uninspiring and exploitative

@dankwraith this is what’s kinda handy about religion. sure, spending your entire life toiling in the dirt for survival is pretty dismal, but think of all the rewards you’ll get if you work yourself to death!

@dankwraith that said, religion also has upsides- for all its faults it’s probably a better way of finding a spouse than leaving it to a silicon valley algorithm

@zensaiyuki this is basically only a thing in puritanism though. but yeah i have a lot of thoughts about the ideology of puritanism and how intrinsic it is to capitalist society

@dankwraith the foundations of USA culture are very different from other countries in this regard and it’s taken me a long time to fully fathom the full scope of its evil. the sickness is spreading too.

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